The Lobo Triathlons have been held at the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque, NM since April, 2014. They are produced by the UNM Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences (HESS) Department of UNM.

HESS is involved in the study of health, physical activity and sports.  They have a goal of reversing the trends of sedentary lifestyles and risk behaviors in youth and adults.  HESS prepares students to be highly qualified teachers and community leaders in health education and physical education; qualified professionals in athletic training; and qualified health/fitness instructors for fitness centers, corporate fitness programs, outpatient physical therapy, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs. 

Among the courses offered by HESS are Triathlon Training and Sport Event Management. Students in these courses compete in and help manage the Lobo Triathlon as a capstone event.

All proceeds benefit the HESS Summer Youth Sports Program giving all children equal access to fun and health activities, and to graduate student travel. Graduate students in the program are required to present at professional conferences, and proceeds help offset some of their travel expenses.